Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and Couselling

Our Mission

The Guidance & Counselling service in Scoil Dara, aspires to create a safe, caring and supportive environment in which to assist our students make informed choices in the personal, social educational and vocational areas of their lives.


  • To provide a service in Scoil Dara where students can access appropriate Guidance & Counselling. 
  • To help our students grow in independence and take responsibility for themselves
  • To facilitate our students develop self esteem and a positive self image.
  • To encourage our students to become well informed and disposed to availing of every opportunity open to them.
  • To assist our students develop an awareness and acceptance of their talents and abilities.

Guidance activities that assist students make informed choices include
  • Personal counselling - counselling is a key part of our school Guidance Programme, offered on an individual and/or group basis.
  • Assessment – we use Psychometric Testing instruments and Interest Inventories to assist educational planning, personal decision making and in the development of self-awareness.
  • Career information- we assist students to acquire and interpret career information during classroom guidance activities, one-to-one vocational guidance interviews and through our attendance at career events such as the Higher Options.
  • Planning and organising Workplace Learning – our department works with the TY, LCA and LCVP co-coordinators in providing our students with work experiences, visits to workplaces & training centres and higher education institutes etc. 
  • Classroom Guidance - guidance classes are timetabled once a week for all senior cycle students. We use the Reach Plus Programme to deliver our senior cycle guidance curriculum. Classroom based learning experiences take place in our two fully equipped ICT rooms. 

We use the following websites:

At Junior Cycle, classroom guidance activities are delivered through our SPHE programme.

  • Referrals – we provide support for students who are referred to us by parents, teachers and school management. When necessary students are referred to non-school based professionals such as NEPS. 
  • Professional Development – our department is staffed by two fully qualified School Guidance Counsellors. They regularly attend in-service and professional development courses which ensure they keep abreast of on-going changes in the fields of training, education, and work and child welfare. 

School Guidance Counsellors

Mr. David Keane
Ms. Theresa Payne

Parent(s) / guardian(s) can contact the school if they wish to speak with any of the Guidance Counsellors or arrange an appointment.