Head Boy and Girl 2019-2020

Head Boy - Jack Jordan

Head Girl - Amy Ryan

Prefects 2019-2020

Head Prefects:  Mary-Kate Lynch and Ciaran Harnan


Art:  Alannah Clinton, Rachel Logan, Molly Lyons, Aoife Mullally, Niamh Scanlon
Environment:  Enoch Cudjoe, Sybille Curran, Alhamin Ibrahim, Amy Ryan
Music:  Ellen Farley, Emily Gilsenan, Fiona Hanifin, Sophie Mulligan, Osamu Oki Osifo, Jill Weldon
Science Promotion:  Eike Curtin, Kean mcCarthy, Andrew Murphy, Eoin Stewart
Business/Rugby:  Jack Jordan
Languages & Library: Alec Lea, Hannah Madden, Nicole Szymanska, Zusanna Urbanska
Sports:  Adius Ciobanu, Leanne Farrell-Conlon, Marielle Farrelly, Hazel Geraghty, Ciaran Harnan, Justin Harris,  Kate Langley, Mary Kate Lynch, Caoimhe McHugh, Dearbhail Mulligan, Luke Kelly, Leah Quinn, Adam Thompson, Leah White
Wellbeing:  Lauren Balfe, Keith Considine, Julie Daly, Laura Ennis, Adam Fox, John Haran, Emma Hosey, Hannah Morley, Adam Maitland, Chloe Muhall, jamie Mulligan, Laoise Scanlon, Abby Webb


Prefect Selection

In the month of April, Prefect Application forms are available for any Fifth Year student who is interested in applying for a prefect position. Interviews usually take place during the month of May. By the end of May the successful candidate will be appointed to their prefect positions.

Prefect responsibilities include Environment, Art, Music, Parent Room Managers, Facilities, Creativity, Academic support/achievement, Student Mentors, Lunchtime Activities, Antibullying, Bus and Lost Property.

Training for sixth year prefects take place during the month of October. The sixth year prefects are finished their prefect positions in April.


Head Boy and Head Girl Selection

From the list of Prefects, all Fifth Year students nominate their top 10 girls and boys for Head Boy and Head Girl. The teachers then choose one boy and girl from this list. The girl and boy with the most teacher nominations will then be appointed Head Boy and Head Girl. The Head Boy and Head Girl duties include:

• To act as a role model for students and promote the ethos of the school

• To be an approachable member of sixth year to whom students can come to for assistance or support.

• To lead the team of Prefects

• To represent the school body at school events

• To liaise with members of the Prefect team, Special Duties teachers, Year heads, Deputy Principal and Principal.

• To organise and attend Student Council meetings.