Posts of Reponsibility
 Post  Person  Details
 Principal :
David McCormack
 Deputy Principals:
Clodagh Ward
  Glenda Dowling  

 Programme Coordinator:
Eamon Ryan
 Assistant Principals 1: 
Carolyn O'Loughlin
 Year Head 1st Year
  Eileen Murray-Cleary
 Year Head 2nd Year
  Jim Rattigan
 Year Head 3rd Year
  Patricia Keane
 Year Head 5th Year
  Caron Finlay  Year Head 6th Year
 Assistant Principals 2:
Isobel Dalgarno
 Coordination of Substance Misuse Education & Programmes
  Claire Doyle
 Co-Ordinator of Student Leadership 
  Shea Farrell
 Detention, Community Service / Commendation Scheme
  Mary Goold
 Fire Drill, First Aid, Staff Welfare, Induction of New Teachers
  Adrian Guinan 
 House Exams and Mock Exams
  Clare Kenny
 Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator
  Thersa Tighe
 LCA coordinator
  Lesley Vivash
 Cordination of Green Schools & SPHE