Posts of Reponsibility
 Post  Person  Details
 Principal :
David McCormack
 Deputy Principals:
Eileen Teahon
  Clodagh Ward  

 Programme Coordinator:
Eamon Ryan
 Assistant Principals: 
Eileen Murray-Cleary
 Year Head 1st Year
  Jim Rattigan
 Year Head 2nd Year
  Patricia Keane
 Year Head 3rd Year
  Dermot Sheehan
 Year Head 5th Year
  Carolyn O'Loughlin  Year Head 6th Year
  Caron Finlay  LCA coordinator + other duties assigned by principal
 Special Duties Teachers:
Isobel Dalgarno
 Coordination of Substance Misuse Education & Programmes
  Claire Doyle
 Anti-Bullying Coordinator 
  Shea Farrell
 Detention, Community Service / Commendation Scheme
  Mary Goold
 Fire Drill, First Aid, Staff Welfare, Induction of New Teachers
  Adrian Guinan 
 House Exams and Mock Exams
  Clare Kenny
 Special Education Needs Coordination, High Achievers
  Thersa Tighe
 Student Awards
  Lesley Vivash
 Cordination of Green Schools & SPHE