In January 1984 the two secondary schools in Kilcock, CBS and Scoil Iosa began a joint fundraising venture designed to help fund separate extensions to the two schools. This fundraising consisted of a 1,000 member monthly draw (at £5 per month) beginning in June 1984. By the time of the first draw, the landscape had changed: the management, staff and parents of the two schools had agreed to an amalgamation. The amalgamation became a reality in September 1991 when Scoil Dara formally came into existence. The new school Scoil Dara remained a voluntary secondary school and its buildings consisted of the former Scoil Iosa and a large extension to Scoil Iosa. The new extension was handed over to the school authorities in January 1992 and on their return from the Christmas 1991 holidays students occupied the new extension.

The first draw was quickly followed by a second major fundraising

Scoil Dara’s fundraising endeavours have been minimal since the establishment of the school. However, the school is greatly indebted to parents for their annual voluntary contributions. Without this financial support of parents the school would be unable to offer the current level of supports and assistance.

The school would like to build additional sports changing rooms for the use of students and community organisations outside of school hours. It is likely that significant fundraising will be needed to fund this new facility.

Donations of €250 or over to a school by PAYE workers result in the school also receiving the tax paid by the donor on this donation.

Anyone who would like further information on fundraising or who would like to become involved in the school’s fundraising should contact the Principal at info@scoildara.ie.